Sustainable Agriculture Program

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Organic Fertilizer Distribution

Many farmers living in rural communities are unable to make the most of their land and other scarce natural resources due to lack of awareness about innovative farming techniques. Through our Sustainable Agriculture Program, we distribute eco-friendly agriculture inputs to small farmers in rural areas. These organic agriculture inputs help farmers with increasing crop yield, improving soil fertility and initiating early harvesting in a completely natural way. With increased agriculture productivity and overall income farmers can afford to send their kids to school and provide better food and healthcare to their families.

We encourage conventional farmers to transition towards a more responsible and sustainable way of farming. When farmers use innovative methods to effectively utilize their natural resources, they can maintain the quality and integrity of the soil for years to come. Healthy soil, thriving with rich organic matter acts as a natural storage sinks for atmospheric carbon. By helping small farmers identify and utilize sustainable agriculture practices, we focus on reducing the use of toxic pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Eco friendly and natural organic inputs are beneficial not only for the soil, water and air, but also for the entire eco system as they do not interfere with the natural flow of wildlife, insects, birds, frogs and many other micro-organisms.

Organic Farming Seminars

For many small farmers, the most common reason for not achieving expected yield is improper management of plant’s nutritional requirements at critical growth stages. Due to lake of awareness, rural farmers fail to provide important nutrients such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Sulphur as well as many other mix micro-nutrients to their crops at different stages starting from seed preparation till harvest. Through our Sustainable Agriculture Program, we organize informative seminars to educate farmers about using organic alternatives to manage pests and increase cop yield.

By equipping farmers with environmentally safe, cost effective and sustainable farming techniques, we focus on helping them with getting better returns on crops and successfully engage in competitive markets. With increased income, they can invest in modern farming equipment, better seeds and proper nutrition management for their crops. These investments can have a direct socio-economic impact on their families as they can afford to provide better healthcare for their families and education for their children.

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