Love And Kindness Always Make A Difference

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At United World Foundation, it is our unshakeable belief that all lives have equal value. We exist to empower underprivileged individuals around the world by ensuring that they can have access to equal opportunities to reach their full potential regardless of their circumstances.

Founded by Hetal Virani and Chirag Virani in February 2017, United World Foundation aims to reduce inequity by aligning long term strategies and vision to shared Global Goals of sustainable development. Through knowledge, innovation and transformative actions, we focus on building tools that accelerate the pace of social progress. At United World Foundation, our goal is to build poverty-free, healthy, gender-balanced, equitable, eco-conscious and inclusive humanity. We aim to build replicable and scalable models through strategic partnerships to address society’s most pressing problems.

In order to develop locally-relevant solutions, we engage directly with the communities we serve and make them equal partners in addressing their unique challenges. Each year we focus on a few specific issues that align with our strategic vision and mission. By focusing on a limited number of issues at a time we aim to effectively address the challenges that prevent people from making the most of their lives. For instance, our Sustainable Agriculture Program focuses on empowering farmers by sharing innovative farming practices and distributing eco-friendly agriculture inputs that can maximize their crop yield and overall income. Similarly, through our Menstrual Health Program, we distribute sanitary napkins to underprivileged young girls and women in rural communities in order to reduce school dropout rates, increase number of workdays and prevent diseases.

With unflinching optimism, resilience, and grit, we seek to solve world’s most complex problems. We cannot succeed alone, but if all members of civil society get proactively involved, we can drive change, reduce inequity and make the impossible possible. By collaborating with corporations, non-profits, academic institutions and government sector, we aim to combine our complementary knowledge, skills and resources to effectively address the world’s most challenging problems.

Humanity cannot reach its full potential without a fundamental transformation in the lives of people living in underserved communities.

Let’s unlock the possibility inside every individual and build a better future for everyone.

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