Go for a walk on the ocean floor

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When we were travelling through Bali, we tried our first ocean floor walk. If you are like us and love to explore marine life, you should not miss out on the ‘sea walk’ experience in Bali. The underwater world is simply enchanting. It feels like you are entering an unknown underwater world. There is just so much to explore.

To begin with, the diving system used for sea walk is very unique. It’s simply a big helmet with transparent visor. No bulky air tanks, breathing mouthpieces or any other fancy equipment to check air pressure and stuff. You do feel the weight of the helmet before going under water, but once you go below the surface, it feels pretty lightweight. As you go deeper and deeper, you have to make sure you keep depressurizing your ears. Other than that you just breathe normally like you do on the surface and enjoy the marine life as you go for a walk on the ocean floor. Our instructor gave us some fish food to attract swarms of fish which was a lot of fun.

We also tried snorkelling and scuba diving, but I have to say that the ocean floor walk is a completely different experience. Snorkelling allows you to witness only a limited part of the vast sea from the surface. Scuba diving allows you to move in any direction you wish just like a fish. And if you want to experience what it feels like to walk at the bottom of the ocean, you have to try the sea walk.

I am also a big fan of scuba diving. There is something therapeutic about spending some time underwater and experiencing the unknown world. The feeling of being weightless and floating around in the endless ocean is both scary and thrilling at the same time. While you are submerged underwater with your scuba gear on, you can experience full freedom of being able to move around in all three dimensions like a bird flying freely in the sky. You can have a deep and meaningful personal experience if you simply pause, breathe and allow the ocean to communicate with you.

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