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Waterfall rappelling in the Costa Rican Rainforest

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Going to Costa Rica with 9 fellow MBA students from Ryerson University and some of my closest friends was one of the best vacations I had.

From San Jose, we started our journey towards San Isadro and made it to a small town called of Brujo. Our shuttle dropped us off to a point where there was no other option but to continue on foot to travel further. Our next destination, Eco Lodge, was one river and a 3 hour hike away deep inside the tropical rain forest. We used cable car that only carried two people at a time to cross the river and began our hike.

As we went deeper and deeper in the woods, we were going further and further away from the civilization. There were no other houses or hotels within 3-4 hour hiking distance from the Eco Lodge. After getting to the lodge, we realized that everything and everyone we knew was a river and a 3 hour hike away. It felt great to be completely isolated from the rest of the world. It was time to get lost in the tropical heaven. As I lived near Dundas Square in downtown Toronto at that time which is most probably one of the busiest place in the heart of the city, going to a place where there was no urban chaos, felt simply blissful.

After having delicious homemade breakfast and freshly cut fruits, we did one or two different activities every day. One of the first activities we did was rappelling off a 40 ft waterfall. Since it was my first time rappelling, I had to pay close attention to the training session, especially when they taught us how to control the brake hand. Once I took a first few steps, using the brake hand to create more or less friction and controlling the speed of rappelling became second nature to me. We did have to watch out for slippery rocks though, since we were rappelling down a waterfall.

Besides rappelling, we also participated in a number of outdoor adventures such as zip lining, tree climbing, white water rafting, surfing and salsa dancing.

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