A serene walk along the edge of the cliffs

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When we were travelling through Bali, we visited the famous Uluwatu Temple to enjoy one of the best sunsets Bali has to offer.

Once we reached Uluwatu, we walked along the cliff edges for a few hours to witness the spectacular view of the horizon. Time stood still as we enjoyed the breath-taking panoramic views of the Indian Ocean alongside tall grass covered cliffs. At many places, the cliffs are literally vertical with raw edges. While you are enjoying the beauty of this natural wonder, make sure your belongings, such as your sunglasses, purses, water bottles etc., are safe from naughty monkeys.14

Right before the sunset we went to check out a unique theatrical performance of Ramayana called Kecak Fire Dance. A trip to Bali would be incomplete without witnessing this iconic cultural dance. The dance is performed right before sunset at the amphitheatre located on the cliff-top at Uluwatu Temple. As a group of men sitting in a circle rhythmically sing “chak, chak, chak”, dancers go around the fire and perform different segments of Ramayana.

A spectacular backdrop of sunset over the ocean combined with gentle breezes, soft orange rays, vibrant costumes, human vocals and a bright fire in the centre makes this dance a must see performance. The show starts at 6 pm and if you want to get good seats, it is a good idea to get there around 30 minutes before the show.

The next day we visited the gorgeous Ubud Monkey Forest. As you stroll through the jungle it feels like you have entered a dream world with moss-covered ancient sculptures and hanging roots from tall banyan trees. You can also say hello to monkeys swinging from one place to another while exploring the lush green forest.

Feeding tiny bananas to the monkeys was also a fun experience. You just have to hold a banana in one hand and stand still. Monkeys will literally climb on your body and take the banana from you. Did you know that Ubud Monkey Forest is home to around 700 monkeys and more than 180 species of trees? This unique forest also contains three ancient Hindu temples dating back to 13th Century.

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