Happiness is Feeling the soft sand as the waves kiss your feet

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Whether it is Goa, Thailand, Maldives, Costa Rica or Tanzania, whenever we travel to a tropical destination, we have come up with a new ritual of spending a few hours at the beach and gazing into the unending ocean. All the continents and nations that are geographically divided seem to connect seamlessly if you look closely where they all intersect at the horizon.

Sky above your head, sand beneath your feet and an endless ocean in front of you – what else do you need?

There is something therapeutic about spending a day at the beach. You can have a deep and meaningful personal experience if you simply pause, breathe and allow the ocean to communicate with you. It can help you develop a new and refreshing perspective on life. If you allow the waves to whisper in your ears, a few hours spent at the beach can be one of those experiences that make you look within yourself and seek a deeper meaning in life.

If you simply calm your mind, you will be able to see that there are many life lessons you can learn from the sea. On the surface, there may be big waves crashing into each other, there may be noisy storms forming with sudden lightning. But if you look a little deeper, a few meters below the surface, you will see that the vast sea always remains calm, undisturbed, unaffected by the small disturbances on the surface. Perhaps, we can all develop a similar mind-set and apply it in our daily lives. When the hustle and bustle of our daily lives make us restless, angry, sad or even depressed, we should take a look deep within and learn to remain calm, just like the ocean, undisturbed by surface turbulences of external circumstances.

You, the real you, deep within, beyond the layers you unintentionally created to meet the society’s definition of happiness, should remain calm and clear regardless of external disturbances. If you can master this one skill, you will be able to experience all the dimensions of life to the fullest.

Be the ocean!

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