California is always a good idea!

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After visiting both the East Coast and the West Coast, I would have to say that sunny California is my favourite state in the entire U.S.A. I did like the hustle and bustle of Manhattan, New York, but I absolutely fell in love with the laid back lifestyle of San Francisco. We went on a road trip from San Francisco to Lake Tahoe and made some great memories along the way. Our first stop was the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge.


We got lucky that day since it wasn’t too foggy. If we had been here a few days earlier, we wouldn’t have been able to see the bridge at all due to heavy fog. The Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County and stands as the tallest bridge in US since its opening. Did you know that this suspension bridge roadway can literally move up and down by as much as 15 feet? It is an absolutely fascinating example of modern engineering. The bridge is 90 feet wide, 1.7 miles long which is as high as almost an average 65 storey building. It has been painted bright reddish orange to provide a better visibility during heavy fog days. This iconic bridge has been featured in more than 20 films and is said to be the most photographed one.

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