Did you know that tattoo fern leaves a natural white print on the skin?

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Going to Costa Rica with 9 fellow MBA students and some of my closest friends from Ryerson University was one of the best vacations I have had.

From San Jose, we started our journey towards San Isadro and made it to a small town called of Brujo. Our shuttle dropped us off to a point where there was no other option but to continue on foot to travel further. Our next destination, Eco Lodge, was one river and a 3 hour hike away deep inside the tropical rainforest. We used cable car that only carried two people at a time to cross the river and began our hike.

Our guide was a true nature lover. He shared many fun and interesting facts about tropical plants and animals along the way. When we were taking a quick water break, he plucked a small branch of fern leaves and gently smacked it on my arm. Natural white powder like material transferred perfectly from the surface of the fern leaves to my skin giving me a nice little temporary tattoo for the day.

As we went deeper and deeper in the woods, we were going further and further away from the civilization. There were no other houses or hotels within 3-4 hour hiking distance from the Eco Lodge. After getting to the lodge, we realized that everything and everyone we knew was one river and a 3 hour hike away. It felt great to be completely isolated from the rest of the world. It was time to get lost in the tropical paradise.

At the Eco Lodge, from the very first moment we opened our eyes in the morning, we indulged ourselves into the pleasures of this tropical heaven. Every day, we woke up to a beautiful view of a small river passing through lush green forest. Serene sounds of running water from the nearby waterfall combined with the melodious sounds of birds chirping made the ambiance even more enjoyable. The days when we didn’t have any activities planned, we would simply relax on the deck, do yoga, read books or play cards without a care in the world.

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