Eiffel Tower – the centrepiece of Paris

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One of the most memorable trips of my life has to be the Euro-trip we went on during our MBA summer exchange program at Copenhagen Business School. We planned our semester in such a way that we could visit a new city every weekend. On a long weekend, we travelled to Paris and visited the magnificent Eiffel Tower. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower weighs around 10,000 tons? Named after its Engineer Gustave Eiffel, it has a nickname “La Dame de fer” meaning “the iron lady”. If you want to avoid crowds, try to get there as early as possible. Top floor and the first floor provide the perfect view of Paris skyline. I would also recommend visiting the Eiffel Tower at night to enjoy a beautiful display of lights as the tower sparkles bright in the night. If you happen to visit Eiffel Tower on Bastille day, you can witness magnificent fireworks lighting up the tower.

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