Enjoy the stunning views of the Arabian Gulf from Atlantis, The Palm

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When we were travelling through United Arab Emirates, we visited Atlantis The Palm located at the top of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai’s fascinating manmade island.

We walked around Atlantis and came across the Ambassador Lagoon which happens to be one of the largest aquariums in the world with the capacity of over 11 million litters of water. Did you know the Ambassador Lagoon is the largest open-air aquarium in the Middle East? Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation on a beach or an eventful trip filled with unique activities and adventures, Atlantis has it all.

While we were in Dubai, we also visited the iconic Burj Khalifa. This tallest man-mad building is truly an architectural marvel. As an engineer, it was fascinating to learn about the history of how it was built and to see all the photos and miniature 3D models of the Burj Khalifa from different stages of its construction. We got a chance to enjoy an amazing bird-eye view of Dubai because it was a clear sunny day. I can only imagine how beautiful the view must be at night with a colourful display of lights.

After visiting the Burj Khalifa, we went on an adventurous desert safari. Driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road and witnessing magnificent skyscrapers on both sides of the road was a journey in itself. As soon as we took an exit from the main highway, our guide and driver picked us up in a special jeep. I must say our driver was extremely skilled at what he did. Going over the sand dunes almost felt like going on a mini roller coaster. Once we reached our camp site, we took a few fun photos with an eagle and went for an adventurous ATV ride in the desert.

You could also go for a camel ride or buy some souvenirs and sand arts from one of the camp stores. The view of the sunset with an orange sky over the endless desert looked absolutely phenomenal. After enjoying dinner and dance performances, we simply lied down and relaxed witnessing the bright starts in the night sky.

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