Entrepreneurship Lesson no. 2: Get comfortable with failure!

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After completing my engineering and MBA from Toronto, Canada, I moved to India and started an ecommerce business. Here are a few lessons I learned as an entrepreneur.

Lesson no. 2: Get comfortable with failure!

If you look at all the successful innovators and entrepreneurs out there, they all have one thing in common. One way or another, they all have managed to master one key skill which is the art of failure. It is no secret that everyone loves a success story, but most people do not want to go through the long journey of struggles, hardships, defeats and failures before an eventful big win.

As an entrepreneur, when you try to find innovative solutions to real world problems and try something new, let me assure you will fail multiple times before you manage to figure out the formula for success. The only way to be 100% sure that you do not fail is to not try hard enough to go outside your comfort zone. In which case you fail by default. Pushing your limits when you are living on the edge where you are a little scared is the most exciting part of the entire entrepreneurial journey.

In order to move forward, you must get comfortable with failure. Because that is where all the lessons are. The only way to learn, grow and transform is to go all out and pursue your goal with passion. And when you put everything you have to offer on the line and yet you fail, it will hurt, a lot. But it does not have to leave a permanent mark unless you let it.

If you try five new ideas and only two of them work, you at least know which three ideas need improvement. The real trick to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to fail better and fail forward. When you try something new, failure is almost always inevitable. This is the part where real journey begins. The successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs choose their separate paths at the very moment of failure. As long as you fail forward, learn the lessons you need to learn from each failure, and do not repeat the same mistakes, eventually you will succeed.

Keep trying, keep failing, keep learning and keep growing!

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