Entrepreneurship Lesson no. 6: There are no shortcuts in branding

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Building your personal brand as well a company brand is a long and eventful journey.

If you believe that your latest blog post or the last video you posted online will go viral on its own and you will become an overnight success, you are probably living in a dream world. It only happens in movies and TV shows. In real life, you have to give it all you got to successfully build your personal brand.

Let’s face it, there are billions of stories, videos and blog posts that are shared on a number of social media platforms every day. And you are competing for viewers, readers, or followers against some of the biggest companies that are willing to spend millions of dollars on ads, influencers, and digital strategies. I am not saying you need to start spending money on paid ads and associations. But you have to be aware that you are competing against those with very deep pockets who are tirelessly reaching out to your potential customers. Therefore, your content and branding strategy has to be very well thought-out and unique enough to stand on its own.

You have to not only come up with engaging and original content regularly, but also focus on strategically sharing and promoting your content on multiple online platforms. If you can manage to do it over a period of a few months to a few years without losing momentum and passion for what you are doing, you will definitely succeed at building your brand.

If you genuinely focus on building your personal brand, it can give you authority and credibility in your field. You cannot fake it or copy some ones else’s branding strategy. In case you are not sure where to begin, you can start by sharing honest lessons you have learned along the way on your entrepreneurial journey. Start a blog. Get your voice heard. Connect with people by sharing stories that allow people to get to know the real you.

Investing your valuable time, energy and resources on your personal brand along with your company brand is crucial as it can set you apart from your competition.

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