Entrepreneurship Lesson no. 4: Never stop Learning. Never stop growing

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Many people believe that the tools they have learned during school or college life will be enough to navigate through the rest of their lives. A few letters in front of your name, proudly highlighting your degrees, does not guarantee a successful career unless you continue to learn, grow and adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Regardless of what products or services you are trying to sell as an entrepreneur, it is no surprise that you will be single-handedly managing many diverse roles and responsibilities of your start-up, especially at the very early stage. You will not only have to do well in areas where you are skilled at, but also need to have at least basic knowledge about multiple aspects of business such as finance, strategy, marketing, tech, sales, distribution and much more. It may get overwhelming at times, but as long as you keep learning something new every day, whether it’s a new basic skill or an interesting fact you didn’t know yesterday, it all adds up in the long run.

If you look at all successful readers around the world, you will see one trait they all have in common. They all dedicate at least a few minutes to a few hours every day towards learning a new skill or reading a new book. If you know the same things you did a week, a month or a year ago, and have not grown or transformed in any way, you have wasted your precious and limited time.

Learning does not need to stop after graduation. If you are willing, you can take at least a few hours every day to read a new book, watch a new documentary, listen to a podcast about an area you knew little or nothing about, learn to play a musical instrument, learn to cook, paint etc. Life will be more interesting if you keep on experiencing new things.

We should all ask ourselves every day one questions: what is it that I have learned today that I didn’t know yesterday.

Never stop learning. Never stop growing.

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