Entrepreneurship Lesson no. 3: Have a clear vision and stick to it

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After completing my engineering and MBA from Toronto, Canada, I moved to India and started an e-commerce business. Here are a few lessons I learned as an entrepreneur.

Lesson no. 3: Have a clear vision and stick to it!

When you start your journey as an entrepreneur, the very first thing you need to do is to clearly define your vision. The next step is to set quantities small goals that allow you to measure your progress. As an entrepreneur, you have to make sure you effectively utilize your limited resources such as your time, money and energy. Only when you have crystal clear daily, weekly and monthly goals, can you stare moving in the direction of turning your vision into a reality.

Another important lesson I have learned is that you must be very clear about why exactly you started your entrepreneurial journey in the first place. If you are simply copying someone else idea or doing it just for the money or fame, you will most likely lose momentum when things get tough. You must be truly passionate about what you are doing. Because as soon as you start your journey, everyone you meet will have their own opinion about your vision. You must understand that not everyone has gone through what you have and not everyone will share the same vision, passion or drive. Keep moving forward without seeking anyone’s approval.

Another quick tip is to plan for small victories instead of going straight for the big overnight win. Think of this way. If want to travel from London to L.A., although you cannot visually see L.A. from your home in London, you have a clear idea of a series of steps you need to take such as taking a cab, a flight etc. to get to L.A. Similarly, as an entrepreneur, you must have an idea of where you wish to reach. And as long as you clearly define your short term goals and go for the small wins, eventually it will all add up and turn into a big win.

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