Lake Como – 3rd largest lake in Italy

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Did you know that Lake Como is the deepest lake in Europe with the depth of around 1300 feet? When we visited Lake Como, we stayed in one of the lake side towns and took a ferry cruise to explore beautiful Italian Villas built around the lake. Our tour guide pointed out summer residences of famous Hollywood celebrities including George Clooney and many more near the western shore of the lake. You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the view of snow-covered alps with lush green trees over the lake. And if you are an adventure lover, Lake Como also offers activities such as windsurfing, sailing and kite surfing. The name “Lake Como” or “Lago di Como” is derived from Latin name of Lagh de Còmm. This “Y” shaped lake is easily reachable from Milan. Each major town at the shores of Lake Como, including Bellagio, Como, Menaggio, Varenna and Lecco, offer unique Italian experience and beautiful sights. If you are planning to visit Lake Como, we would recommend planning your trip from May to September when the weather is pleasant.

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