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The Maasai “Jumping Dance” Ceremony – a Unique Ritual of Maasai Life!

Share this post Maasai Village, Tanzania | Chirag Virani | Hetal Virani

While we were driving though Ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks on our African Safari, we came across a number of tiny huts grouped together in what seemed like a small village. Our tour guide explained that they were small Maasai villages. The typical short Maasai visit usually reflects the “touristy version” of the whole Maasai culture, with pre-organized dance shows and other touristy activities. However, if you really want to know the real Maasai culture, the best idea would be to talk to a Maasai one-on-one. We participated in a fun tradition where all the young and single males form a semicircle. Each participant challenges a man in a “high jump dance battle” in the middle of the circle. Whoever jumps the highest wins!

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