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Puerto Viejo – a beautiful beach town on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica

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When we were volunteering in Costa Rica at La Casa de Los Ninos, some of the volunteers and I decided to travel to Puerto Viejo during one of the weekends.

Since it was a spontaneous decision, we didn’t book a hostel before heading to the Caribbean coast. However, some of the friends we made along our bus ride suggested that we should check out Rocking J’s since that’s where they were all staying. At the Rocking J’s, we could choose either hammocks for $5 per night or small tents for $10 per night. Travellers like myself, left behind amazing poetry work on the floor, walls and ceiling.

There was no need to step outside the hostel to explore the night life since there was a big full moon toga party organized by Rocking J’s. There was live music, dancing, drinking games and a lot energy everywhere. If you were looking for a quiet place to relax and sleep in early, this was definitely the place for you. Once the party was over, there was a serene bonfire right by the beach where all of us gathered and listened to live music.

Looking at the bright starts, lying in the sand and listening to tranquil music mixed with the sound ocean waves and cool breeze simply brought one word to my mind “Pura Vida”. People all over Costa Rica used the phrase “Pura Vida” quite often in their normal conversation. It basically meant “Pure Life” which represented their laid back way of life.

One thing led to another and some of us decided to seize the moment. Before I could process the decision of getting a tattoo, it was already on my body forever.

Whenever I look at the tattoo, it takes me back and reminds me of the “free” state of mind I was in while getting that tattoo. It was the time of my life when I did not care about starting a grown up life. I am very happy that I didn’t over analyse it and back out. I actually feel proud of myself that I was once crazy enough to spontaneously get a tattoo right when I felt like getting one.

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