Stonehenge – a mysterious prehistoric monument

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As a part of our MBA exchange program from Ryerson University, we went on a summer exchange program to Copenhagen Business School (CBS). We planned our trip in such a way that we could travel to different cities during the weekends and complete our academic credits during the weekdays. On one of the weekends, we planned a trip to London where history is weaved into every aspect of the city from culture to architecture.

While we were there, we visited the world famous Buckingham Palace, the majestic London Eye, the iconic Big Ben, the Globe Theatre and the Tower Bridge. You literally can’t walk a few meters without coming across something with a historic significance. It is very easy to be overwhelmed in London as this city has so many sights to visit.

Your London trip would be incomplete without exploring the beautiful countryside and visiting the mysterious Stonehenge. We took a day tour and caught a bus from London to Stonehenge and Roman Baths. Once we reached the Stonehenge we found out it was the Summer Equinox which happened to be the perfect day to visit Stonehenge. The sight of gigantic stones with a backdrop of clear blue sky and lush green grass felt like a scene straight out of a story book. The sheer size of the stones was simply incredible.

If you love history and architecture, you should definitely get an audio guide to make sure you do not miss out on interesting facts about when and how this colossal structure was built. Archaeologists are still not sure whether this structure was built for religious purposes or for keeping track of astronomical cycles. However, many believe that it was built before the Egyptian Pyramids.

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