The breathtaking view of Pileh Lagoon!

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If you travel to Thailand, you have to visit the stunning Pileh Lagoon. It is certainly one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world. Refreshing turquoise water is surrounded by 100-meter high cliffs that are covered with green shrubs and mosses.

We rented a speedboat from our hotel and left bright and early at around 7 am to avoid the crowds.  The boat ride to Pileh Lagoon is an exciting journey in itself.  You can simply sit back, relax and enjoy the gentle ocean breezes and amazing panoramic views as the boat passes through majestic sea cliffs over the clear turquoise water. Once you reach the lagoon, you can enjoy a nice swim in the shimmering crystal clear water. If you are like us and love to explore marine life, you should not miss out on snorkelling experience at Pileh Lagoon. The underwater world is simply enchanting.

Every time we go snorkelling, it feels like we are entering an unknown underwater world. There is just so much to explore. After snorkelling for a few hours we decided to go for scuba diving near the Viking cave to feel the real ocean. While snorkelling allows you to witness only a limited part of the vast sea from the surface, scuba diving allows you to move in any direction you wish just like a fish.

If you haven’t tried scuba diving or snorkelling, I urge you to go for it when you get a chance. There is something therapeutic about spending some time underwater and experiencing the unknown world. The feeling of being weightless and floating around in the endless ocean is both scary and thrilling at the same time. While you are submerged underwater with your scuba gear on, you can experience full freedom of being able to move around in all three dimensions like a bird flying freely in the sky. You can have a deep and meaningful personal experience if you simply pause, breathe and allow the ocean to communicate with you.

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