Witness the beauty of the endless white salt Desert at Katch

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Visiting the White Rann in Kutch, Gujarat, during the famous “RannUtsav” festival was truly an amazing experience. Never have I witnessed such a spectacular panoramic view with an endless crystal white salt desert below clear blue sky.

We travelled to the great Rann of Kutch during a full moon night to make the best of RannUtsav festival. This eventful 90 day white desert festival is organised by Gujarat Tourism which starts from November and ends in February every year. As soon as we entered the ‘Tent City’ at the RannUtsav, we received a warm welcome with a traditional folk song from Gujarat. Our “tent” was pretty much an air conditioned room with fabric walls right in the middle of the desert with a nice hot shower.

On the very first day, we rented tandem bicycles to check out all the activities and adventures we can enjoy within the Tent City. Later in the day we booked a helicopter ride to explore the great white salt desert, which is the main attraction of the entire festival. I must say it was simply astonishing! As far as our eyes could see, there was nothing but the crystal white salt covered desert which became one with the clear blue sky at the horizon.

In the evening, we took an adventurous camel cart ride to enjoy the breath-taking view of a bright moon glowing over the white desert. Without any external light sources, just the natural moon light was enough to see the entire desert clearly. The crystal salt literally sparkles under the gentle moon light and looks like silver sand in the night. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to witness a rare phenomenon of unexplained strange lights in the Rann during night which is locally known as ChirBatti. Did you know that he northern boundary of the Rann forms the International border between India and Pakistan?

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