A warm summer day at the Niagara Falls

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Since Niagara is less than an hour drive away from Hamilton, we visited Niagara Falls quite frequently during our college life at McMaster University. If you are a student looking for an amazing night life or a tourist looking for sightseeing, casinos and magic shows, Niagara Falls offers a complete package.

During winter months partially frozen Niagara Falls looks even more stunning. It looks like a snow covered white landscape straight out of a fairy-tale. I have had the privilege of witnessing this spectacular waterfall from both the Canadian side as well as the US side, and I must admit that the view from the Canadian side is much better.

If you get a chance to visit the falls during a sunny summer day, you might be able to see a perfect semi-circular rainbow over the falls caused by sunlight passing through the mist. One of the most popular activities to do at the falls is “Maid of the Mist” boat ride. I clearly remember going all the way to the base of the falls and being able to feel the mist on my face as I enjoyed a close-up view of the falls from our boat.

If you are curious about the flow rate of water passing through the falls, you would be amazed to know that around 68 Olympic sized swimming pools can be filled every minute form the water that flows over the falls. This milky white waterfall is so huge that it has been awarded 6th place in the world’s largest waterfalls list. Water from Niagara Falls flows to the Lake Ontario making it the 14th largest lake of the World.

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