Bullfighting known as “The Corrida” – an art form or a blood sport?

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San Fermin Festival is a popular Spanish festival that takes place in Pamplona every year in July. We went to Pamplona to run with the bulls and take part in the celebratory street parties filled with dancing, live music and delicious sangria. After waking up at 5 am and running with the bulls, we witnessed the bullfighting event called “The Corrida”. Initially we were under the impression that the bulls we ran with in the morning were special ones that were chosen for the San Fermin festivities. However, I was shocked when I saw that the all the “special” bulls were publically killed in front of thousands of people. I understand that it is a cultural festival that represents traditional values, but it was sad to witness the killing of innocent animals for pleasure. I hope we can find a way to celebrate the San Fermin Festival with positive energy of dance, music and other art forms without killing of innocent animals.

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