Have you gone island hopping in Maldives?

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We have been to the Maldives twice already and we can’t wait to visit again. This perfect tropical paradise with sandy white beaches and turquoise water is made up of around 1200 islands. Did you know that almost 99% of the country consists of water? If legends are to be believed, Maldives was formed by an exiled Indian Prince. Another fun fact about this beautiful country is that the highest point of Maldives is the lowest point of land on the Earth which is just around 7 feet above the sea level.

Besides relaxing on the deck of a water-bungalow in the middle of the shallow lagoon, snorkeling and diving are some of our favourite activities when we visit Maldives. If you like the underwater world, you are in for a treat. With some of the best diving spots in the world, Maldives offers great opportunities of witnessing around 10 species of whales and dolphins. If you are lucky, you may get to see the largest fish in the world, Whale Shark. And if you like water sports, Maldives also offers surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, waterboarding and much more.

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