Volunteering at an elementary school in Uvita, Costa Rica

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When we planned a trip to Costa Rica during our MBA reading break, we made sure to fit in a few community service projects so that we can volunteer at local communities while we travel. At an elementary school in Uvita, we helped out with building a chemical and pesticide free hydroponic garden. The project’s main aim was to provide vegetables to underprivileged students at no cost.

As we continued working on our hydroponic farm, we learned that plants can grow a lot faster using this new soil less technique of farming compared to conventional farming methods. It turns out they can absorb more nutrients from the growing medium compared to ground soil. After a few days, we finished planting pre-grown small vegetable plants in rows at equal distances in the growing medium. And our hydroponic garden was ready to supply free vegetables to the school kids. While working on this project, we also had a chance to hang out with the kids. They simply were adorable and were very curious about where we were all from and what exactly we were working on.

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