Young Mind. Wild Heart. Free Soul

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To me, having a young mind simply means having a childlike worldview that is not influenced by any imaginary barriers of age, race, gender, nationality, social, political or financial backgrounds. Regardless of who, where, what or how old you are, you are capable of becoming whoever you wish to be if you focus on the possibilities and not the obstacles. As we grow up and become “educated” in a society that expects you to behave in a certain way at different stages of your lives, we start putting limitation on our own dreams as we let opinions and expectations of others guide our lives. Past mistakes, painful memories or failures don’t have to leave permanent scars unless you let them. Let’s try to develop a more childlike free mind-set and relearn to see the world as full of possibilities, growth and transformations.

A wild heart means not being afraid of trying new things. Life is too short to live inside the comfort zone. Go out there. Talk to strangers. Travel. Explore unknown places. Fall in love. Don’t be afraid to get your heart broken. Learn to embrace the transformation within. And above all, don’t let anyone’s opinions hold you back from your living your life to the fullest. Try to explore as many dimensions of this limitless existence as you can while are here.

Having a free Soul means being able to explore dimensions beyond physicality and experiencing the reality beyond the limitations of our five senses. It is a state you reach after consciously, not just physically and mentally, exploring life with a “young mind” and “wild heart”. In this state happiness and sadness are irrelevant because you are just so busy living and experiencing as much of this fascinating existence as you can at every single moment. You cannot fake it or reach there by coping others. It will come to you only after you stop searching for peace and happiness outside when it has always existed within, hidden behind layers you have created yourself.

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