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Finding work-life balance in a relationship

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Chirag and I have been lucky enough to be able to work in the same industry and in the same building. In fact, our offices are literally 10 feet and a transparent glass divider away from each other. We come to the office in the same car and after spending a whole day in the office together, we go home in the same car. In other words, we pretty much spend around 80-90% of the day together.

Since our work profiles and strengths complement each other, we make a perfect team. I look after all the financial and legal aspects of the business and Chirag takes care of manufacturing and marketing side of the company. At the end of the day, we both share the same vision and drive so when it comes to celebrating the victories, we do not hesitate to go all out. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find work life balance even if we work in the same field. For those who work in different fields or if one partner works as a home maker and another works outside the house, it is very important to find a healthy work-life balance in a relationship.

A relationship is a never ending journey of finding the right balance between two individual lives. Your work is a part of your personal identity and will demand majority of your time and energy from your daily life. If you expect your partner to share the same passion towards your work as yourself, it is very important to openly communicate about your dreams and vision with your partner. That way, when things get stressful at work, your partner will be able to understand your frustration.

Besides healthy communication, taking well planned periodic breaks from work and spending one-on-one time with each other is equally important to set the foundation of a healthy relationship. Chirag and I have decided that no matter how hard we work, we must take time out to explore two-three new countries every year to explore unseen places, meet new people, experience different cultures and live life to the fullest.

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