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Can capitalism and spirituality really coexist?

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If you are an entrepreneur who sells a product or a service, can you still be spiritual?

My answer is yes!

In fact any of the economic models whether capitalism, socialism or communism combined with a political system that we have chosen to govern geographically divided nations; or any religious ideologies or organised education models that we have accepted for our well-being are all very small parts of the limitless existence that we physically experience through our five senses. Whereas spirituality goes beyond physicality. It simply means being able to experience the reality the way it is without being imprisoned by any rigid belief systems.

To me, being spiritual does not mean leaving your job, family and becoming a monk; or going to the Himalayas to do yoga or meditation. I don’t think you need to dress, act or do certain religious practices to be spiritual. It’s a way of life. You can be spiritual in a suit or in heels. You can be spiritual with tattoos, piercings and dreadlocks. Because the dimension of spirituality goes beyond physicality.

We have given way too much importance to money and accumulation of things in our lives that we often forget to see the real beauty of the human experience. Whether you are a businessman, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer or a free spirited artist, being spiritual has nothing to do with what you do. It is about how you do it.

Are you just going with the flow without questioning things that don’t feel right? Have you blindly created a rigid belief system without consciously evaluating everything that your parents, relatives, friends, teachers, media, government or any religious leaders have told you? Or are you consciously experiencing life and accepting only what you experientially understand and feel?

So yes, capitalism and spiritually can coexist, if you allow it. As long as the external factors do not affect the stability and peace of your internal self, you can live a joyful spiritual life.

Spirituality is simply about experiencing the absolute reality at this very moment as if you did not have the body nor the mind filled with any pre-existing beliefs.

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