Happiness comes from experiences, not material things!

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“What is the meaning and purpose of life?” is probably one of the most important questions that philosophers across the globe have been trying to answers for thousands of years. If you ask me, I would have to say that the answer might be a lot simpler than you may think. I am currently working on a book to share my personal views on this ultimate question, but until it is ready to be published, let me share a few thoughts.

To put it simply in one sentence, we are all travellers, here on this planet for a short while to experience the limitless existence through a small window of our five senses. Everything else is just a temporary reality of this experiential journey we call life. At the deepest layer of your soul, beyond the physical body with limitless expectations of your five senses, and a confused mind that is constantly bombarded with an ideal image of happiness, things are much clearer.

In this capitalistic world, every single day we are told to believe the delusional fact that we can buy instant happiness with our fat bank accounts. But if you are lucky enough to face certain circumstances in your life that make you pause, reflect and question everything you have been ever told, you might be able to start a journey towards finding your own unique answer to this ultimate question.

From my personal experience, I can share this much. If you are trying to seek happiness by buying faster cars, bigger houses, fancier phones or trendier clothes, you might never attain happiness as there is no end to this list. Even if you acquire everything you can own on this planet, the next thing you might want is the next planet, and then the next galaxy and so on and so forth. Yet you may not be able to find happiness, fulfilment and peace of mind.

Happiness is a state of mind and it is absolutely free.

Live your life with passion, work hard and spend your hard earned money on experiencing as many dimensions of life as you can while you are here. Try not to waste your precious time on accumulating things that one day you are going to leave behind anyway.

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