Embrace the pressure as it can help you transform into a diamond

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Besides being a shiny rock, a diamond can teach us many important life lessons if we look beyond its outer appearance.

Some may say diamonds are nothing but an overpriced rock while others might say it is simply a by-product of a brilliantly executed marketing strategy based on rarity of a jewel. I personally find a diamond to be one of the most fascinating objects on the earth for a whole another reason.

If you have ever seen a rough or a polished diamond, you must realize that you have witnessed a spectacular moment frozen in time from around a billion years ago trapped inside that diamond. The youngest diamond that you can find anywhere on the surface of the earth today is around 600 million to 3.3 billion years old. That is way before the dinosaurs ruled the earth. The timeline these rocks represent is simply unfathomable.

Besides being timeless rocks, diamonds also symbolize another very fascinating phenomenon. At around 150-200 kilometres below the surface of the earth, where the pressure is around 50 kilo bars and temperature is above 1000 degrees Celsius, carbon atoms transform into a diamond. In life, when things get overwhelming, just remember that the ultra-high pressure can help you transform into a diamond if you learn to embrace it. All the ups and downs in your life are preparing you for something you are truly meant to become.

Even the impurities and flaws present in a diamond represent a unique process that took place millions if not billions years ago. During a diamond crystal’s growth process, if there are any disturbances due to the movements of earth’s tectonics plates, some carbon atoms may remain untransformed. These black carbon atoms remain trapped inside a diamond crystal which is often known as impurities. I personally see these impurities as historical evidences that represent the fascinating journey of the growth which makes each diamond unique.

Similarly, each individual goes through a unique process of transformation and self-realization. Any failures, setbacks or tragedies don’t have to leave a permanent scar on our soul. We should learn to embrace them as they make us unique and help us become the best versions of ourselves.

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