Let your light shine

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Everyone has a light that shines bright within. However, when we look outwards through our five senses to search for peace, fulfilment and happiness, we often forget about the light that has been inside of us all along.

In order for your light to shine bright, you must learn to see it with full clarity first.

When you are a born, your inner light is capable of witnessing the absolute reality without any layers of perceptions added in front of it. There are no pre-existing rigid beliefs to influence your subjective perspective. And then we are all ‘’educated”. Starting from the very first thing you can remember as a child to the moment you are reading this very sentence, you mind is a sum of everything you have experienced, seen, felt, heard, smelled, touched or been told by your parents, teachers, government or media. Without even realising, you start creating your “individual identity” and start dimming the inner light by putting different layers on top it from a very young age.

If you can learn to consciously see these different layers that you have created yourself based on your subjective experiences, you can start removing them one by one. You will realize that not everyone has gone through the same things as you have. And beyond the subjective layers, we all share the same light within regardless of our age, race, gender or social, finical or cultural backgrounds.

Once you see this subtle truth, you simply can’t unsee it. And your inner light will shine with so much clarity that you will automatically inspire others. Helping others and working for something bigger than your self becomes much easier and natural once you see the light within. There are no shortcuts for finding this inner light and peace though. Everyone goes through their own journeys of looking inwards to search for deeper meaning in life. You cannot fake it or copy someone else journey of transformation.

Once you consciously experience the light within, no external circumstances or situations will be able to disturb your inner peace.

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