Life is better on the farm

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I come from a family of farmers.

My great grandfather was a farmer. My grandfather also grew up on a farm. Even my dad spent his childhood working on a farm before moving out of a small village. So I can proudly say that farming is in my blood.

Since I grew up in a city, I never had a chance to do any farming. But every time we go to our village or visit our farm outside the city, I feel deeply connected with nature. In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we don’t realize that the food that we eat goes through a fascinating process of growth from tiny seeds to delicious fruits, vegetables and grains. While walking on concrete sidewalks, we often forget that the soil is a living entity thriving with millions of organisms and other organic matter that is capable of turning a small seed intro a giant tree.  Once you learn to see these subtle and obvious elements of life through a farmers’ eye, you can enjoy the true beauty of nature.

Whenever I want to unplug from a busy city life, I go to our farm. And life simply pauses. If you allow it, nature can help you reflect and develop a broader perspective of life. If we really think about it, food, water and air are our basic necessities for survival. And as long as our basic health and safety requirements are taken care of all the rest of our problems and worries are self-created in the name of finding happiness.

I personally feel that if your basic necessities are taken care of you should spend your limited time, energy and resources on exploring as many dimensions of life as you can to the fullest. In this capitalistic world, every single day we are told to believe that we can buy instant happiness with our fat bank accounts. However, you must understand that happiness is a state of mind and it is absolutely free.

Work hard and spend your hard earned money on experiencing different dimensions of life mentally, physically and spiritually while you are here. Try not to waste your precious time on accumulating things that one day you are going to leave behind anyway.

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