What you see is your own subjective perspective, not the absolute truth

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The way we perceive reality mainly depends on how we chose to look at the world around us. If we think about this, it seems so obvious and simple, but you would be amazed how this subtle truth is the root cause of so many conflicts at both personal as well as global level.

You can think of it this way. When you are a born, your mind is a clear lens with no filters added in front of it to influence how you perceive the absolute reality.  The world is beautiful with no conflicts thorough our innocent little lenses. And then we are all ‘’educated”. Based on the family in which you are born, you are taught to believe in certain religious, social or political ideologies. Without even realising, you start creating your “individual identity” from a very young age depending on what you have been exposed to.

Your five senses experience the physical world subjectively and transfer the information to your mind. Starting from the very first thing you can remember as a child till the moment you are reading this very sentence, you mind is a sum of all of your memories.  These memories are created by everything you have experienced, seen, felt, heard, smelled, touched or been told by your parents, teachers, government or media. And all these memories and experiences create a filter of a belief system which you use to navigate thorough complex circumstances in life.

Over a period of time, we gradually start believing that our subjective perceptive is the only absolute reality. All the conflicts, whether in a personal relationships or political policies, arise when your own beliefs clash with someone else beliefs. The very first step towards resolving conflicts at an individual as well as global level is to realise that not everyone has gone through the same things as you have. And not everyone has the same the “filter” of beliefs as your own.

Try to remove the subjective “filter” you have placed on your “clear” and objective lens. And let’s hope all of us experience the reality the way it really is rather than through a limited “filter” of our rigid beliefs.

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